SAS At Home Courses

Coached or self-application courses world-wide.

Thousands of children and adults have discovered their hidden talents, developed new skills and progressed in life by completing a SAS course. For clients who do not live within easy reach of one of our specialised Centres, we offer on-line SAS At Home courses. Ensure the very best results by taking a Coached course, or follow the Instruction Manual to apply the course yourself - the choice is yours.

  • 36C Coached Course - complete fully personalised 24 day Coached course -- the best way to ensure success.
    £ 450 (GBP) | € 500 (Euro) | US$ 560 | CA$ 740 | AU$ 740 | NZ$ 800
  • 24A Advanced Course - complete fully personalised 24 day self-application course -- a very cost effective solution.
    £ 200 (GBP) | € 225 (Euro) | US$ 250 | CA$ 330 | AU$ 330 | NZ$ 350

Coached courses include seven half-hour coaching sessions by telephone, before, during and after taking the course. After receiving the completed Client Questionnaire (and for Coached Courses also an intake interview by telephone) one of our experienced SAS Practitioners will personally design a course specifically tailored to the age, condition and needs as indicated by you.

Within a few days you will receive the login information to start your personalised on-line SAS At Home course. Each course requires 24 days of listening, two times half-an-hour each day within the period of a month. Programmes can be received through most devices, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Stereo headphones are required and full details can be found in the SAS At Home Instruction Manual.

To order your personalised course, please follow these two simple steps:

  1. Order your SAS At Home course by clicking the relevant PayPal "Buy Now" button below.
    For other currencies, please email us.
  2. Complete the on-line Client Questionnaire.

We will acknowledge receipt of your order and start designing your course. Within a few days you will receive the login information to start your personalised on-line SAS At Home course.

36C Coached Course

24A Advanced Course


36C-GB: £ 450

24A-GB: £ 200

Euro €

36C-EU: € 500

24A-EU: € 225

US $

36C-US: US$ 560

24A-US: US$ 250

CA $

36C-CA: CA$ 740

24A-CA: CA$ 330

AU $

36C-AU: AU$ 740

24A-AU: AU$ 330

NZ $

36C-NZ: NZ$ 800

24A-NZ: NZ$ 350

We are here to help you find effective, long lasting and affordable solutions.