We passionately create personalised neuro-sensory listening courses that help children and adults unlock their innate potential to enjoy maximum well-being and achieve great things.

Taking a SAS course is really easy as it does not require attention, following instructions or physical exercises and is suitable for clients of all ages and abilities. By simply listening every day for a number of weeks to the specially processed music, speech and tones through headphones the brain gets a healthy processing work-out.

The SAS methodology is based on the latest neuro-scientific findings and has been developed to achieve long lasting improvements in ability, behaviour and well-being. For maximum effectiveness every course is uniquely tailored around the needs and potential of each client.

SAS courses are available at dedicated SAS Centres and Accredited SAS Practitioners in the U.K., The Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Australia, and as convenient online SAS At Home courses world-wide. Explore our areas of expertise below for effective solutions that make a real difference.

Learning enhancement for children and adults.


Courses for school children from the age of 5 upwards and for students and adults that wish to enhance their study results.

Support for children with developmental delay.


Courses help children aged 3 and upwards with neurological conditions such as Asperger's Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and Down's Syndrome.

Psycho-therapeutic and neuro-sensory programmes for adults.


Tailored courses for adults to reduce stress, anxiety, fear or anger and improve focus, clarity and decision making.

Personalised programmes to support older adults.


Specific courses for the elderly to improve daily functioning, communication and quality of life.


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