Parenting Support

We all want to do the very best for our children. We want them to be happy, develop well, succeed at school and in life, and have good relationships.

Parenting Support

But unlike most things we buy, they don't come with an instruction manual. Nor have we been taught in school how to bring up children. We don't need to pass an exam or get official permission to have children. At best we have family and friends that advise us, but sometimes that can feel like interference or criticism.

Understanding our role as a parent is equally important as understanding the world from our child's point of view. Dealing effectively with feelings, anger, tantrums, unacceptable behaviour and sibling rivalry all form part of the mix. We can learn to bring out positive feelings, help our children solve problems themselves, set boundaries and grant freedom and simply enjoy our children more.

If you want to take charge of your family life and improve the relationship with your children, then help is at hand. I will regularly post hints and tips on this blog that will give you skills that are equally useful for parents and teachers interacting with children as they are for adults communicating to other adults in a private, social or professional environment.

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