Ten Stepping Stones on the way towards speech.

  1. Love comes before Feeling Secure.
  2. Feeling Secure comes before Being at Ease.
  3. Being at Ease comes before Being Present.
  4. Being Present comes before Eye Contact.
  5. Eye Contact comes before Acknowledging Others.
  6. Acknowledging Others comes before Communicating.
  7. Communicating comes before Negotiating.
  8. Negotiating comes before Using Words.
  9. Using Words comes before Making Sentences.
  10. Making Sentences comes before Making Sense.
Rejoice in being together, wherever you are now.Build strong foundations before moving on.Take each step with love and care.Enjoy each small movement forward.It's the journey, not the destination, that fills us with love.SAS Centre Ankara April 2013
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