Hürriyet Ankara Ekindeydik!

''Uyarılan Beynin Verimi Artıyor'' başlıklı haberimiz Hürriyet Ankara ekindeydi. (07.04.2013)

Hürriyet Ankara Ekindeydik!

Hürriyet Gazetesinin merkezimiz hakkında yapmış olduğu haberi okuyabilirsiniz.

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Most people prefer to be addressed in their right ears in everyday settings and are more likely to do a favor when the request is received in their right ears rather than their left ones, new research suggests

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In most of the SAS programmes we use Binaural Frequency Differentials (BFD), which aim to gently guide our naturally occurring brainwaves in a certain direction, either up or down, faster or slower.

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Sounds received through our right ear is mainly processed in the left brain half and sounds coming into our left ear are mainly processed in the right half.

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You know if you are right or left handed, unless you belong to the very select group of naturally ambidextrous people who are equally at ease using their right hand or their left hand for all tasks. There is also mixed handedness, where some tasks are more easily performed with one hand and other tasks more easily with the other hand. But apart from these exceptions to the rule, most people are either right or left handed.