The Autism Show Webinars

The Autism Show Webinar Week

Thank you !

Thank you for attending the Autism Show Webinars. We hope to see you at the Autism Shows in Manchester, London and Birmingham next year, but in the meantime please browse our website and simply contact us if you have any questions - email, or call Nicole Zimbler on 07973 771 1402 (+44).

Special Offer

We offer a Free SAS Taster course to all attendees of the Autism Show Webinars. These courses are shorter than our usual fully personalised courses, but include many of the same techniques and offer you the opportunity to experience and observe the benefits of the SAS method. We have 12 pre-configured Taster courses to match different age and ability groups. All the Taster courses have listening sessions of half-an-hour a day for 12 days.

Simply complete this short application form, give us a day or two to go through the info and select the most appropriate course, and you will then receive the course by email.
Please apply by 31st July 2021 at the latest and complete the course by 31st August 2021.
This is a genuine, no strings attached, offer and we promise to keep your information safe, not share it with others and not bombard you with spam - we hate that as much as you do!

Free Webinars

Join Steven Michaëlis for one of his informal Free Webinars where he will explain the SAS Method and how it can help to regulate sensory processing and strengthen speech & language. The webinars will be using Zoom and will take place on Tuesday 22nd June at 11am and Thursday 24th June at 8pm (UK time). Just provide your name and email address through this form and we'll send you the login details.

Full SAS Courses

Full SAS courses are normally 24 or 28 days in length with two listening sessions of half-an-hour each day. The courses are fully personalised to the needs and abilities of each individual client. They include both music and speech programmes and where appropriate other specialised elements such as Time Training, Frequency Discrimination training, Language enhancement and Therapeutic Language sections. A fully personalised 24/28 day course with telephone coaching by an experienced practitioner costs just £ 295 all-in. If you're interested to know more, simply call Nicole Zimbler, our U.K. Manager, on 07973 771 1402 (+44), or email us at

Professional Training

If you want to offer personalised SAS courses to your clients, then check out our Professional Training page. If you're interested call Nicole Zimbler on 07973 771 1402, or email us at

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